Research Outline

Strategy Consultant Self-Assessment Questionnaires


To obtain strategy consultant self-assessment questionairres that will test for the following skills: business financial analysis , team facilitation , stakeholder influence , comfort with ambiguity , strategic thinking , systemic thinking , process thinking , business competency , and project management.

Early Findings

For ease of readability and organization, questions have been placed in this spreadsheet.


Financial Analysis

  • Indeed offers seven questions with answer that can assess the financial analysis abilities.
  • Career Match- 10 Essential Financial Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Results of Initial Research

  • Please note that Wonder does not contact companies for information and only uses what is free and publicly available. Therefore, we can not contact a company to see if they will share their assessments.
  • This initial hour was able to locate questions pertaining to financial analysis.
  • When looking for checklists, they tended to be very general and not helpful for the specific areas, therefore we focused on open-ended questions.