Research Outline

Cancer Localization Technology Landscape


To determine the current market landscape for established cancer localization technology; specifically, to identify the competition for Ethicon's products. This research will be used to differentiate Ethicon and guide their marketing strategy and communications.

Early Findings

  • We conducted an initial search on "cancer localization," along with related terms, to familiarize ourselves with the field. This initial search found far more academic articles than businesses, suggesting that this is a new and experimental field rather than an established healthcare sector.
  • A survey of Ethicon's product list does not show any that seem immediately connected to cancer localization; rather, the company seems narrowly focused on wound closure and similar procedures.
  • Among Ethicon's nominal competitors, initial research finds only the following connected to cancer localization technology:
  • In all cases, the company in question is cited as the source of a needle or catheter used to puncture a tumor. This calls into question whether they are competitors in the cancer localization field.
  • Broadening our research, we found that Cianna Medical's SCOUT and SAVI Brachy solutions "address unmet needs in the delivery of radiation therapy, tumor localization and surgical guidance."
  • This led us to some additional details which confirm that this field is very small. Breast lesion localization methods, in which Cianna Medical is a key competitor, are expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% to reach $1.58 billion by 2025; working backwards, this suggests that the total market is worth only a little over $825 million today.
  • This market research indicates that the key competitors in this arena are CR Bard, Cianna Medical, and Cook Medical.