Research Outline

Online Marketing Landing Pages


To obtain information on the use of landing pages that are driven by Google Ads for online marketing. This information should include successful design examples and insight on campaign success, how to conduct a successful A/B campaign, the advantage of hiring a SEO firm to manage a Google Ads campaign, how to target specific demographics, and how to lower client acquisition rate through optimized landing pages. Additionally, the ideal response would provide this information from three platforms ; podcast links to shows that talk about these subjects, 3 or 4 articles that touch on these points, and links to YouTube videos containing conversations about said topics. This information will be used to provide details and focus points for online marketing; specifically the use of landing pages that are driven by Google Ads.

Early Findings

Successful Design Examples and Insight on Campaign Success

  • The Landing Page School Podcast has 76 episodes that provide insights on landing page design, A/B testing, and conversion optimization that would help business owners convert more website visitors into customers.
  • According to Tim Paige, the Senior Conversion Educator at Leadpages, the biggest reason why landing pages are so critical to a company’s success, is because there is a lot of noise on the internet.
  • Tim Paige has hosted more than 100 episodes of the Leadpages podcast called ConversionCast.
  • The best landing page is one that really conveys the message to the audience that the business provides a solution to their problem.
  • Three of the best landing page examples of 2019 based are Shopify, Muzzle and TransferWise.

Example of Successful Landing Page Design — Shopify

  • Shopify's trial landing page is simple and there are only a few words in its user-oriented headline "Sell online with Shopify".
  • Additionally, the Shopify's landing page relies on a few simple bullet points to communicate the details and benefits of a trial.
  • The customer only needs to enter their email address on the landing page to get started on Shopify.
  • All of these factors makes it easier for the customer to get to the point where they sell online and make this one of the best landing pages in 2019.
  • Shopify has done an excellent job of taking the message from their paid adverts and weaving it through their entire landing page copy.

YouTube Videos

  • Neil Patel's YouTube video has 261,807 views and focuses on how to make a landing page that leads to conversion and optimize a business website.
  • Antoine Dupont's YouTube video presents the elements of a successful landing page that guarantees conversion.
  • This YouTube video published by The Deep End presents six must-have elements that every landing page should have in order to successfully convert customers.


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