Research Outline

Google DBM (DV360) Advertisers


To compile a list of Google DBM (DV360) advertisers who have been using the platform since at least 2017.

Early Findings

  • As per reports published in June 2019, Google is selling linear television inventory with Display & Video 360 via a beta partnership with the TV industry ad tech company WideOrbit.
  • Another linear TV supply-side platform that was expected to integrate with DV360 during fall 2019 is Clypd.
  • It has been found that WideOrbit has deep roots in local TV, whereas Clypd is expected to open up more national cable inventory to DV360 buyers.
  • implemented DV360's new 'Minimise CPA' automated bidding capabilities across prospecting strategies for payments provider Skrill to stand out and tap into new audiences, whilst maintaining efficiency in its paid media spend and keeping costs down.
  • Neyber is a financial wellbeing provider that wanted to increase its reach and brand awareness, by achieving more impressions and clicks-to-site within its available budget.
  • It also implemented DV360's 'Minimise CPA' automated bidding capabilities with the help of Serpico.
  • Serviced office provider Regus implemented Google’s DV360 to gain a better understanding of the value of each stage of the marketing funnel so that appropriate credit for each activity can be allocated.