Research Outline

High School Speaking Budgets:


To identify a list of high schools in Gainesville, GA with their speaking budget, website, budget, address, contact name, contact email and phone numbers.

Early Findings

During our initial research, we were not able to find information on speaking budgets of high schools in Gainesville, GA area and surrounding cities as this information does not appear to be publicly available. Hence, we have provided other findings related to this topic that might be helpful.
  • Based on the results of the Top Youth Speakers database, Middle and High school speakers generally charge within the $1k-$5k range for their services.
  • According to a Youth Speaker course description, youth speakers are paid between $2500-$5000 a day to speak at high school assemblies.
  • A news article has reported that a survey of the Metro-East public school districts showed that many spent a few thousand (roughly $1000-$5000) plus travel expenses on speakers over the last three years. Many of those speakers were paid by Title 1 funds, which are federal grants intended for lower-income students' educational needs.
  • The article further states that Cahokia District 187 (Illinois) is required to spend 20% of its Title 1 funds on professional development, which can include paid speakers. For many schools, this equates to around $150,000 on professional development (including speakers). Belleville District 201 (Illinois), spent more than $14,000 over the last three years to bring in speakers for its students and teachers.