Research Outline

Jewelry Rental Companies


To compile a list of jewelry rental companies in the US or Europe (with a focus on London).

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were able to compile a list of three rental jewelry companies in the US. For each company, we provided their name, website, the year they were founded, an overview of who they are and what they do, and their headquarter location. Since all of these companies are privately held, annual revenue and funding information was limited. However, we provided funding information where it was available and provided an estimated number of employees for each company to help analyze its size, instead of annual revenue. We then placed these findings into a spreadsheet for easier consumption. Below is an overview of our early findings.


Haute Vault

  • In order to become a member, individuals must go through a "vetting process" by completing a rental application.
  • Once accepted, members are able to choose between membership options that best suit them. If the member decides they want to keep the jewelry, they can use 100% of their rental equity to buy it.
  • The company has between 11-50 employees, but there is public information on their funding rounds or amount.


  • Switch is also a subscription-based jewelry rental company where members have a choice between three different subscription plans starting at as little as $29 per month.
  • The company was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2016, and has between 1-10 employees. However, there is no public information on their funding rounds or amount.
  • The cheapest plan for the company, at $29 per month, allows members to rent one piece of jewelry at a time. The next plan at $49 per month, allows members to rent 2 pieces of jewelry at a time. And the final plan at $69 per month allows users to rent up to three pieces of jewelry at a time.