Research Outline

Brand Strategy Using Social Media


To create a template for a workshop for a B2B brand by researching three case studies in the financial POS space that use social media platforms to target entrepreneurs.

Early Findings


  • YOCO is an African company that creates tools and services to help small businesses run, get paid, and grow.
  • YOCO holds YOCO Meets which is a workshop for entrepreneurs to connect with each other. They developed this by creating a Facebook Group for the event that attendees can access.
  • YOCO created a #JustStart campaign to help entrepreneurs start their businesses and build a network. On YOCO’s YouTube station they created a video supporting this movement.
  • YOCO sets up campaigns for every type of social media channel and measure specific KPIs.
  • The company incorporates multiple types of channels to foster business such as YouTube and podcasts.
  • The marketing department emphasizes optimizing every social media post and ads to have the largest impact.


  • PayPal is a “technology-based” company allowing online payments for companies.
  • PayPal utilized segmentation, targeting, and positioning to create smaller audience groups to target them specifically.
  • PayPal targets young professionals with emphasizing that they aren’t selling you their product by trying to support you.
  • PayPal uses social media “ambassadors” or “influencers” to help grow their business.


  • TouchBistro is an iPad POS software for restaurants.
  • TouchBistro includes a blog on its website with posts marketing tips, consulting firms, and SEO strategies for companies that partner with them.
  • The company is active on social media accounts including Twitter where they post parternships they have with chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and events they will be speaking at.
  • TouchBistro is using content marketing to grow its business. They create content specifically targeted to their audience of resteraunt owners and chefs featuring blog posts of “how-to.”
  • Video has played a key role in TouchBistro’s development