Research Outline

Motivating Factors for Express Car Washes


Determine the top motivating factors that influence consumers to go to express car washes, and determine the factors that influence consumers to avoid express car wash services, for the purpose of informing a branding project.

Early Findings

Reasons for Going to an Express Car Wash

  • The location of express car washes is important, with potential "feeder" stores including Costco and Walmart. This indicates that consumers go to express car washes in tandem with doing other errands like shopping.
  • The speed of express car washes is continuing to motivate consumers to use them and move away from traditional driveway washing.

Reasons for Avoiding an Express Car Wash

  • 38 gallons of water are used every time a car is washed in a car wash, providing a motivating factor for some consumers to not use car washes or wash their cars as often. While this is generally two-thirds less than is used during a home wash, consumers may not be aware of this difference.
  • Consumers concerned about their car's finish avoid car washes due to the potential use of caustic soaps and harsh brushes.

Summary of Early Findings in Relation to Goals

For the first hour of research, the project was outlined to determine if the requested information is available. There are reports from the industry perspective about the popularity of express car washes, as well as opinions from industry experts about motivating factors that keep consumers from using car washes.

We propose the following research to best inform the branding initiative: