Research Outline

NG 9-1-1 Competitive Analysis


To find and compare every competitor to Zeer globally that operates in the next generation 911 space and uses FirstNet.

Early Findings

  • Carbyne911 offers two product lines: c-Lite and c-Live. c-Live is the applicable competitive product to Zeer.
  • c-Live, "Enrich[es] the voice call with the best location capabilities in the industry, video, unrivaled resiliency and flexibility, AI-enhanced automation functionalities and more. c-Live gathers as much information as possible from an incident. Then, the platform secures, organizes, and enhances the data. Finally, c-Live presents the most critical information to a call-taker such that it is easily shareable to others in the response chain."
  • Carbyne911 partners with Cisco to provide its services, is powered by AWS and is a provider of Android™ Emergency Location Services.
  • Some of their customers include Pennington County 911, Stark County Sheriff's Department and Morgan County.
  • Carbyne911's latest funding was a Series B round for $15 million in 2018. Its valuation is estimated at $100 million. To date, it has received around $24 million in total funding.
  • SaferMobility is more targeted towards private entities like hospitals, businesses or college campuses. Their main product is an app that users can then stream/send live video, audio and geolocation straight to security officials.
  • The app also features an "escort" mode which triggers an alarm if the user's finger is removed.
  • The University of Maryland is a customer of SaferMobility.
  • No valuation or funding information could be found for SaferMobility. Owler has a vague revenue estimate of $2.6 million.
  • The FirstNet App Catalog is not publicly accessible in order to be able to methodically check for competitors.
  • There are reports that Amazon's Ring is interested in tapping into the live video/911 space.
  • Then, we turned to looking for news stories and press releases for 911 or other emergency departments partnering with a provider that offered live video streaming. Most news stories we founded pointed to Carbyne911.
  • UK emergency services have partnered with GoodSAM for live video streaming during 999 calls. Other competitors found are 911eye, Rave and LiveSafe.