Research Outline

Non-Profit Organizational Structure


Provide the organizational structure for the United States Youth Soccer Association, including the headcount per department.

Early Findings

  • The administrative structure of US Youth Soccer Association flows from the ground up. The organization sits in this hierarchy tree: teams > clubs & leagues > state associations (55) > US Youth Soccer > US Soccer > FIFA.
  • The association uses a democratic process to determine its rules and guidelines.
  • The organization has a Board of Directors, a CEO and 4 General Managers leading the 4 US regions the state associations are divided into.
  • Financial accounts are looked after by the Chair, CEO, Treasurer (also a Board member) and the Director of Accounting and Finance.
  • There is also an Investment Committee who makes recommendations to the Board for how to invest funds.
  • The Board of Directors has 12 members. There is a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, 4 regional representatives, 2 independent Directors, 1 Member at Large and the Past Chair.
  • The headquarters has 24 members of staff. The departments are, generally, Communications/Marketing/Policy, Financial and Operations/Events.
  • Each department has a General Manager or Chief at its head. Underneath are Managers, Coordinators and Assistants.
  • The staff members fitting into marketing/comms/policy number 7.
  • Financial/accounting staff members number 3.
  • There are 11 Operations/Events-related staff members.
  • 2 staff members are assistant-level with no clear departmental association. 1 staff member is, of course, the CEO.