Research Outline

Youth Drug Addicts


Provide information on the number of youth drug addicts in the world, as well as effects of drugs, number of users, how drugs are transported, and overdose effects in order to gain a holistic understanding of the impact of drugs on young people globally

Early Findings

  • Youth are often involved in the drug supply chain, including cultivation, manufacturing, and trafficking of illegal drugs, as they lack other opportunity for social and economic advancements.
  • There are noted to be high levels of substance use amongst street youth, and youth in extreme poverty around the world. However, there is no estimate of the exact number of these youths that are addicted to drugs.
  • Two key types of drug youth occur among young people; a)affluent youth using club drugs in night clubs and recreational settings and b)use of drugs by street youth to cope with difficult circumstances.
  • Opioids caused the most harm, accounting for 76% of deaths related to drug use disorder globally.