Research Outline

U.S. Niche Online Marketplaces


The goals of this research are to determine the number of niche/smaller online marketplaces in the U.S. (not big marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay), to determine the projected growth of such U.S. online marketplaces in 2020 and thereafter, and to provide the names of and website links to those marketplaces. Any information from Dwolla will not be used for any part of this research.

Early Findings

  • Approximately "35% of consumers shop niche marketplaces today, with top destinations focused on one of three categories: apparel, sneakers or home."
  • Growth drivers behind niche online marketplaces include the community vibe provided, wide variety of products, qualified buyers, personalization, and website traffic generated for brands.
  • There are listings of niche online marketplaces by segment, such as flowers, watches, etc.
  • Online marketplaces are listed as both operated by retailers and non-retailers. For example, this list of the top marketplaces in the U.S. includes Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Etsy, Jet, and Newegg.
  • An estimate for global marketplaces predicts that "[r]evenues for marketplace platform providers across the globe are predicted to more than double from $18.7 billion in 2017 to $40.1 billion in 2022." Of that revenue predicted for 2022, the Americas are expected to account for 57.2% of said total.