Research Outline

Online Tennis Community


To understand the online tennis community and audience to inform the marketing strategy for a new product.

Early Findings

Tennis Forum

  • According to SimilarWeb, this website is ranked 27th among all worldwide tennis websites.
  • The website saw 635,500 visits across desktop & mobile from the last 6 months.
  • The average visit duration was 8:38, 6.47 pages per visit and only a 33.6% bounce rate. These are excellent engagement rates for a forum.
  • Most visitors to Tennis Forum are from the US (38.5%), the Netherlands (9.6%), Australia (7.6%), UK (7%) and Poland (5.2%).
  • Most of this website's visitors are direct (76.2%), though some come from search (20%).
  • Visitors to the forum then go on to visit Twitter, or picture hosting websites (likely because they've clicked on a picture a forum user has posted).
  • Tennis Forum visitors also visit other tennis forums (Mens Tennis Forums and Tennis Warehouse) and sports/tennis websites (Flashscore, WTA Tennis).
  • Another statistical website also finds visitors from Germany and Mexico.
  • This forum has a section for discussing tennis equipment. The section is not as active as other sections of the forum, with only 11 threads receiving posts in the last month.
  • Tennis Forum is owned by VerticalScope, an enterprise hosting over 800 communities/forums.
  • The forum encourages members from around the world, hosting language-specific threads.
  • There were 151 active threads in the past 24 hours.

General Online Tennis Demographics

  • Online, people who follow "tennis" on social media or other are 63% male and mostly older.
  • Half are 45-64 years old. Only 6% are 18-24 years old.
  • Those interested in "tennis equipment" are more evenly split male-female and skew slightly younger. These people are 22% 35-44, 23% 45-54 and 19% 55-64 years old.