Research Outline

Slinger Bag Competitors & Engagement


To locate competitors to Slinger Bag, then identify where they engage with their community.

Early Findings



  • Spinshot offers the Spinshot Lite Ball Machine as a portable entry level option from $599-$749.
  • "It provides multi-function speed control and ball feed rate to allow variations in straight-line shot delivery. The multi-function speed control delivers a constant ball speed of up to 60km per hour with top spin. With control of the ball feed rate from 2 to 10 seconds, this provides the ability to increase the pace of delivery drill returns. This is an extremely portable machine making it perfect for the novice to intermediate tennis player to take to their local court and practice repetitive shots to improve their game."
  • Spinshot has a Facebook page.


Match Mate

  • The Match Mate Rookie is priced at $499 and has a ten-second ball feed delay with adjustable speeds.
  • Their products start at $499 and top out at $4000.

Silent Partner

  • Silent Partner has multiple machines that range in price from $799-$1,949.
  • The entry level model weighs 38 pounds and can sweep the court from side to side.

Sports Tutor

  • Sports Tutor has a Tennis Cube. The Cube can hold 70 balls and has a rechargeable battery. Prices start at $689.
  • They have multiple larger options that are priced from $799-$3,200.
  • The Tennis Twist is their most affordable option at $299 and is designed for beginners. It is a cylinder that can hold up to 28 balls and has an adjustable arc.

Results of This Block of Research

  • This block of research was spent locating 5 competitors with similar offerings to the Slinger Bag. Notably, none of the competitors offer a bag style machine, but for the purpose of how they reach their markets, the audience would be the same.
  • Once the competitors were located, the rest of this hour was spent researching the ways these products are marketed.
  • During research, it was noted that several of these items could be purchased on Amazon, indicating this could be a viable path to reach customers.