Research Outline

Outsourced Training and Facilitation in Australia


To determine the annual spend on outsourced training and facilitation by Australian businesses in any single year of the last 5 years, with specific data on hard/soft skill training as publicly available.

Early Findings

Our research on outsourced training and facilitation annual spend by Australian businesses was unable to find any specific data about outsourced training and facilitation spending in the last five years, either from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, TAFE Enterprise, or other sources. However, our research did reveal insights. Here are key pieces of information we found:

Outsourced Training and Facilitation Annual Spend

  • 48% of Australian businesses would prefer to recruit or hire contractors instead of investing in training for their existing employees.
  • Managers can struggle to find the time for the extra responsibility of training their team, which is when it becomes important to outsource. TAFE Enterprise offers short courses and customised training programs that are tailored to align with key business priorities.
  • From previous findings, TAFE Enterprise is Australia's largest provider of training, delivering skills training to more than 25,000 businesses annually.
  • Also from previous findings, Australian businesses are spending $4.5 billion on training annually.
  • For US businesses, an average of 14% of the total training budget was spent on outsourcing in 2018, doubling the percentage in 2017, providing a possible benchmark for estimating annual spending by Australia businesses.
  • Without objectively and comprehensively measuring soft skills, it is difficult to measure the impact and investment into any outsourced training.