Research Outline

PA First Responders


To identify the demographics (age, gender, average income, and education) of Pennsylvania state police officers.

Early Findings

  • A research conducted by the West Chester University of Pennsylvania (cited by Omics International) related to police offer stress intervention states that "when compared to the best available data, the demographic characteristics of the study sample are in close approximation to the Pennsylvania police officer population."
  • Based on the above finding, we can conclude that the demographics of police officers in Pennsylvania is similar to the sample used in the study. They are:
- 89% male, 11% female
- 93.3% white, 6.7% of minorities
- 21–72 years of age with a mean of 41.96 years.
  • According to Payscale, the average income of a police officer in Pennsylvania is between $38k - $91k. According to, the average income is $57,770.
  • For 43% of small-town ( less than 10,000 residents) police chiefs, the highest level of education was some college and no degree. The minimum educational requirement for a PA state trooper is a high school diploma or a G.E.D. Certificate.