Research Outline

Parental Behavior Trends


To provide 3-4 additional best practices of millennial parents.

Early Findings

Positive Parenting

  • Millennial parents are emphasizing on positive parenting as opposed to the authoritarian discipline. They reward positive things rather than punishing negative ones.
  • Earlier, parents used to think that strict discipline and even the use of physical force was okay. Millennials differ in that and believe in positive parenting rather than punishing/enforcing discipline.


  • 71% of millennial parents keep themselves informed about any and all aspects of parenting through "parenting websites, online forums, parenting blogs and social networks."
  • In addition to that, 31% of millennial parents, as opposed to 13% when it comes to baby boomers, feel comfortable and easy in talking to their parents about their children.
  • Be it the parents or the use of internet, millennials are different as compared to earlier generations as they did not have access to both of these facilities.

Not Just Test Scores

  • Millennial parents care about more than just test scores. They are also more supportive of choice when it comes to education.
  • Educational choice give children a better chance at succeeding in the long run.
  • Millennials are making this choice keeping their own educational career in mind. "Many are products of a public school system that rewards conformity to a rigid, “ideal student” mold, and have seen firsthand how that system has failed to prepare them for today’s rapidly-changing economy. It’s exactly this experience that’s leading millennials to want unique students to have unique options."