Research Outline

Patient Hub Services


To understand who the best vendors are in the Patient Hub Services, as well as how this industry is evolving.

Early Findings

Patient Hub Services (PHS) Top Vendors

  • In its April 2019 article on the evolution of the patient hub services industry, Pharmaceutical Commerce mentions several key market players, including Eversana, CareMetx, ConnectiveRx, McKesson, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, Trialcard, and Asembia.
  • The report also mentions two new players: Diligent Health Solutions and PharmaCord.
  • The AM Intelligence 2019 report segments the PHS industry segments into Independents, BPO/Consulting, and Pharmacy-related/Other.


  • Eversana, formerly Dohman Life Science Services, was formed from the merger of six service providers.
  • Eversana serves over 500 clients, including OptimizeRx Corp.
  • One of Eversana's strengths is its deep C-suite bench, which has recently added top executives from competitors AmerisourceBergen, inVentive Health, and Cardinal Health.

Patient Hub Services Industry Evolution

  • According to Pharmaceutical Commerce, the Patient Hub Services industry is growing along with the specialty pharmaceuticals sector. The industry is experiencing both consolidation, with companies merging with or acquiring other companies, and expansion, with companies opening new facilities.
  • The industry has previously touted the individualized support programs of each company, but now "the industry will see different categories of patient support providers, with competitive offerings more attuned to sectors of the specialty pharmaceutical arena."