Research Outline

Food Production Process Scaling


Obtain insights from other types of ready-to-eat food that have scaled up. The information will be used to determine a similar approach for upscaling the production of plant-based burger patties.

Early Findings

Food Production Process Scaling

  • Popeyes Kitchen recently saw the need to scale-up the production of one of its popular food products.
  • The company has recently released an improved version of its chicken sandwiches.
  • However, due to the higher-than-normal demand, its chicken sandwich stocks ran out after two weeks.
  • Although this is not a typical demand scenario for most, there is a need for companies to have better forecasting processes.
  • Companies will need to have a more "collaborative planning and forecasting" process set up.
  • They also need to have a "baseline statistical forecast."
  • Key decision makers and experts from all departments need to be involved in the process to ensure a smooth supply chain process.
  • Furthermore, POS data should be tightly linked to the process and should be seen by the supply chain organization.
  • This way, key resources can get a better idea of the demand for the product in real-time.
  • Popeyes also provide support and training for its franchises to better scale up the production of its ready-to-eat food items.
  • The company helps them in establishing their "market-specific supply chain" and marketing plans.