Research Outline

Book Publishers


To identify top publishers that offer editing, printing, public relations, and distribution to all book stores for the purposes of publishing a memoir.

Early Findings

Early research shows that there are only a few publishers that offer all requested services (editing, printing, public relations, and distribution). Three that were found during early research are Lulu, Bookbaby, and



  • Bookbaby sells books through its own bookstore and distributes to other retailers as well.
  • The services it offers include publishing, printing, editing, distribution, cover design, interior design, and marketing.
  • Sales of ebooks through Bookbaby's bookstore earn 85% royalties but printed books earn between 10% and 30% royalties.

  • has been helping independent authors publish books since 2006.
  • The services it offers include printing, cover design, interior layout, distribution, ebook conversion, editing, and marketing.
  • Royalties vary based on distribution.