Research Outline

Non-Profit and Political Creative Marketplace Spend


To find the TAM for non-profit and political organisations creative marketplace.

Early Findings

Creative Agencies Specialized in Non-Profits

  • Non-profits vary in size and importance, which has a direct impact on their budget.
  • Whilst some non-profits raise millions of dollars and can benefit from large budgets to spend on outside creatove work, others can only afford a minimal budget.
  • There are some creative agencies, such as Fifty & Fifty, that cater for all types of budgets, and work especially with non-profits
  • They adjust by reducing their profit margin, and by hiring people that tend to have a positive attitude towards non-profits.
  • The company can work for as low as $500.

Non-Profits Budget Structure

  • Non-profits spend around 60% to 90% of their budget on staff expenses.
  • 20% of non-profits do not budget for marketing at all and try to fund this activity only if there is an urgent need.
  • 7% of non-profits do not spend anything at all on marketing.
  • Most of the ones that budget for marketing affect less than 5% of their budget to marketing.

Examples of Non-Profits Budgets

Non-Profits Attitudes Towards Creative Agencies

  • Most non-profits organizations tends to be reluctant when it comes to contract a marekting agency to run a campaign for them.