Research Outline

Pop Artist Business Plan


To provide insights surrounding the creation of a successful business plan for a pop music artist. This should include what parts the business plan should include, for example mission statement, touring plans, and media strategy.

Early Findings

Pop Star Business Plan

  • A business plan should reflect who you are as an artist and the music you produce.
  • Before starting to write a business plan the following should be taken into account: the reader, the objectives of the business plan, the development of key sections, realistic financial projections, and feedback.
  • The first part should be an executive summary, although this is typically the last thing written. It should be about 10% of the business plan or one page. At a minimum, it should include an introduction to the artist, the goals of the project, a summary of goals, and an overview of the marketing plan.
  • The fist part actually written is an introduction. This is a chance to properly introduce the artist to the reading audience. If the plan is being written for a particular reason, or if it is in relation to a particular request then it should address these.
  • Next is the mission statement. This section needs to address the type of work or music, primary medium, what is trying to be communicated through the work, likely uses of your work, success of living of work, whether there is already representation or if it is being sought, and how the work will be distributed.
  • It is essential that the types of uses for the work is identified here.
  • The next section involves creating a marketing strategy.


  • During this hour of research we have started to outline a business plan. There is a considerable amount of research available in this area.