Research Outline

PE Recruiting Contact Information


To complete populating the provided spreadsheet with contact information for alumnus of either Columbia or Harvard University who are currently working at the listed investment firms. Specifically, we shall follow the steps outlined below:
  • Google the firm to find the LinkedIn page
  • Go to the LinkedIn page of each firm and search by all employees
  • Filter employees by schools: Harvard University and Columbia University (all schools, undergrad, JD and MBA).
  • Fill in the cells for the name
  • Google "Email format [FIRM NAME]"
  • Fill in the cell for the email based on the name you provided.
  • In the Notes cell, please put down where they attended school or any other details that you think are helpful
The above information will be used for recruiting for private equity investing roles.

Early Findings

ICONIQ Capital

  • Jaja Jackson is the Senior Vice President for Real Estate Investments at ICONIQ Capital.
  • Jaja is an alumnus of both Harvard Business School (Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies) and Harvard College (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government).
  • According to RocketReach, there is a 70 percent chance that ICONIQ Capital's email format is Consequently, Jaja's email is most likely

IDG Capital

  • Casey Geng is an Investment Associate, M&A Group at IDG Capital.
  • Casey is an alumna of Columbia University NYC where she did her Master of Arts degree.
  • According to RocketReach, there is a 100 percent chance that IDG Capital's email format is Therefore, Casey's email is

Insight Partners

Summary of Findings

During the initial hour of research, we created a Google Sheet from the provided Excel Sheet and filled out rows 92-94, columns I, J, K, Q and R of the attached spreadsheet.