Research Outline

Precision Agriculture


Determine how agriculture technology or precision farming can be applied to increase crop yield, maintain fruit quality, and reduce variations on fruit bearing trees such as pineapples and bananas.

Early Findings

Precision Agriculture

  • Growing fruits such as mango, banana, citrus, peach, apple, pineapple, and guava can be made better with the application of advanced technology.
  • One advanced method that can be used is the high-density plantation (HDP) technique.
  • The method involves having the right plant density, applying crop management concepts, using quality planting components, setting up a support system, and establishing management systems with the right inputs.
  • High-density plantation also involves the technique of planting with closer gaps between plants as compared to the typical recommended distance.
  • When applying HDP technology, farmers can expect to optimize their unit area productivity and produce fruits that can command a better price.
  • Developments in new ways of propagating plants and applying innovative technology in the seed industry has been proven to contribute to the production of highly productive fruit varieties.
  • AI-powered methods are also being used to combat pests in bananas.