Research Outline

Pregnancy Pillow Sales-Amazon


To estimate Amazon US sales of pregnancy pillows to inform a presentation.

Early Findings

  • A search for pregnancy pillows yields 4000 results on Amazon.
  • A maternity pillow search and pregnancy body pillow search yields 2000 results on Amazon, which appear to be a largely a subset of total pregnancy pillows.
  • The price of popular pregnancy pillows ranges from $15-$70 on Amazon, with the front page recommended pregnancy pillows in the range of $40 to $50.
  • Approximately 6.1MM women are pregnant annually in the US.
  • Based on a 2014 study of pregnant women, 76% of women experience sleep difficulties, which could possibly be remedied by a pregnancy pillow.
  • Numerous articles, such as this one, focusing on 'best body pillow' lead potential buyers to purchase on Amazon, suggesting Amazon owns a signficant share of the addressable market.
  • Limited information is available regarding the number of women who suffer from sleep difficulties and actually go on to purchase a body pillow.
  • To come up with a range of US body pillow sales on Amazon, we are assuming 6.1MM pregnant women in US x 76% with sleep difficulties x % buying a body pillow (assumed to be conservative, 5-10%) x % buying on Amazon (assumed to be majority of US body pillow sales, 50%-80%) x price of average body pillow (using an assumption of $40-$50 based on popular pregnancy body pillow products on Amazon) to come up with a range of possible sales for body pillows on Amazon.
  • This range of estimates, based on several assumptions outlined above, yields a range of sales of body pillows on Amazon at $4.6MM to $18.5MM ($11.6MM average).
Given that many of the critical pieces of information required to estimate sales of pregnancy pillows in the US sold on Amazon, including market sizing for pregnancy pillows, percentage of US pregnant women who purchase pregnancy pillows, and Amazon share of pregnancy pillows, are not publicly available, we made a number of assumptions to identify a possible range for pregnancy pillow sales in the US on Amazon. However, given that the range is based on a number of assumptions, the estimation should be considered extremely rough and only to be used as a guideline.