Research Outline

PRM Software - Client Testimonials


To provide short client testimonials on the 12 PRM tools from small-sized companies, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises. The 12 PRM tools are PartnerTap Impact, ZINFI, Allbound PRM, Salesforce Partner Relationship Management, Impartner PRM, Zift Solutions, TUNE, PartnerStack, LeadMethod PRM, NetSuite CRM+ Partner Relationship Management, and Magentrix PRM.

Early Findings


  • "As a sales leader, I know how important our partners are for our current and future revenue growth. PartnerTap helps us prioritize who to partner with on each account, collaborate with sales reps at each of our partners, and co-sell into target accounts." — Chris Welch, VP Sales, Direct Travel.
  • "PartnerTap helps my sales team connect with partners on a deeper level. We’ve moved from manually validating data to co-selling in under a year. " — Chris Welch, VP Sales, Direct Travel



  • "It’s been an incredible experience working with ZINFI’s platform. The partner portal is very powerful, and you are able to achieve formidable goals with it." — Alicia Robleto, sales and marketing executive at e-Contact.
  • "The ZINFI portal has helped me reach a large audience with minimal effort. This is more valuable than the tools we were using before. It gives me instant feedback. A soon as someone opens an email, I get a response." — Judi Davidson, Inside Sales Supervisor at Entel.

Allbound PRM

Salesforce Partner Relationship Management

  • "Our service capabilities are now operating with Salesforce. Our quality processes, going from a customer pain point into a resolution, are operated with Salesforce. Our digital channel management is operated with Salesforce. And as we connect product, our partner management is organized with Salesforce." — Jean-pascal Tricoire, Chairman and CEO, Schneider Electric.
  • " Brokers no longer have to search in different places for information; there is just one platform — and it's accessible from any device." — Jackie Uhi, Managing Director At Barclays.

Zift Solutions

  • "Zift provides a powerful, highly available and scalable purpose-built solution to handle all aspects of our channel collaboration and communication through a wide variety of mediums, and it integrates seamlessly with our other systems including Salesforce CRM." — Chris Doggett, SVP, Corporate Sales, North America for Kaspersky Lab.
  • "We knew that Zift (formerly Relayware) could deliver the channel partner experience we needed and could also meet our scalability requirements." — Joan Morales, Partner & Alliances Marketing Sr. Manager, Nutanix.


  • "PartnerStack integrates with the tools we’re already using, and enables us to create the partner experience we want for distinct partner types and relationships." — Sharrifah Al-Salem, Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Asana.
  • "PartnerStack is an incredible software that covers all aspects of any partner program — VAR, Customer Referrals, Affiliate, etc. It's clean and made to be flexible enough to cover any crazy edgy requirement." — Katya Akudovich, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, PandaDoc.

LeadMethod PRM

  • "LeadMethod is an outstanding solution for demand generation and lead routing. The biggest hurdle is how you establish your process and setting up your automation rules/sales org structure. Once those are defined LeadMethod does the rest." — Aaron L ., Manager, Marketing Services Department (mid-market company)
  • "One place to see all my leads. As a rep, we get leads by email but this gives me a central place to go back to make updates. I love the filtering and reporting. The way we score the lead and update the lead is easy to use." — Ryan C., Vice President (small business).

NetSuite CRM+ Partner Relationship Management

  • "Does its job and does it well. Netsuite holds its place as an industry leader in CRM for a reason. Multifunctional and compatible with a host of different platforms. I have worked in a wide range of call center environments, all of which have made full use of the Netsuite platform." — Brian Knox.
  • "Automation, sharing and collection of data about the customer experience all in one place. It is pretty easy to use if you take a little time to get familiar with it, but you have to make an effort to use [it] to good capability. Its only as good as you put in; if your team doesn't record the interactions, then you don't have the data." — Jeremy Stephens.

Magentrix PRM

  • "Magentrix took the time, unlike any other vendor, to understand our vision and more importantly our needs for our partner program." — Mike Eng, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Klaviyo.
  • "Magentrix changed the game for us and is helping take our partners to the next level. What used to take days now happens automatically." — Benny Matityahu, Director of Marketing and Business Development, AudioCodes.

Impartner PRM

  • "Our partners’ success drives our success; that’s why we want them to adopt socialondemand® — to grow their and our brands’ awareness." — Will Frei, Director, Content & Social Media Strategy, Avalara.
  • "Thanks to Impartner PRM, deal registration has been phenomenally successful for us. Our registered deals expanded 275% over the first half of 2016. We expect that to outstrip our native demand generation this year by a significant margin. That's largely due to our ability to manage those deals as they come into the pipeline." — Bruce Milne, Chief Marketing Officer, Pivot3.


  • "Once launched with TUNE, Topstep dramatically streamlined partner onboarding and workflow, enabling more influencers to drive traders to the platform." — Conor Meegan, Head of Partnerships, Topstep.
  • "Since partnering with TUNE in 2011, the GetApp Network has tracked several million clicks and hundreds of thousands of leads. And in this time, tracking data has never been lost. The uptime is beyond reliable." — Manuel Jaffrin, Co-Founder & COO, GetApp.

Summary of Findings

  • Although as proposed in the fifth research sprint, the last two PRM tools, Impartner PRM and TUNE (from the total 12 tools) have not been covered in any research round yet, we have still provided client testimonials for these tools.