Research Outline

Wearable Technology


To establish the providers of connected workers wearable technology - a worker who wears several devices (typically on a multi-purpose work garment) that are powered and connected to servers.

Early Findings


  • RealWear is a U.S-based provider of connected workers wearable technology that specializes in a hands-free wearable for industrial workers. Through advanced technology, RealWear enables industrial workers to use devices such as tablets while working on or with heavy machinery.
  • Through wearable technology, companies can enjoy efficiency as the hands-free equipment minimizes interruption when workers have to multi-task with hand-held devices and other machinery.


  • Qoorwear is a German-based wearable technology in the form of a smart thermal garment. Qoowear is especially ideal for industrial operators that work in environments that are extremely hot or cold.
  • Wearing layered clothing in extremely cold working environments add the risk of injury for machine operators. Thus, the smart thermal garment, which is developed through Artificial Intelligence, not only ensures that the sensors remain uninterrupted but also ensures that industry workers are hazard-free when operating machinery.


  • Eleksen is a British-developed wearable technology that provides end-to-end solutions to ensure worker safety in various industries.
  • Through a Tap&Go technology, it optimizes the data gathered continuously to predict the environment and provide safety measures, thus increasing productivity.