Research Outline

E-books and Audio Books Services Providers


Determine information on the top e-book and audiobook providers in the United States. This includes available data on company revenues, the number of active users or paid subscribers, and the total numbers of units sold by each provider. The information will be used for a fundraising activity.

Early Findings

E-books and Audio Books Services Providers



  • Apple's e-book segment has a 6.3% market share.
  • Apple offers both e-books and audio books.
  • Based on available data, the estimated number of e-books that Apple has sold can be calculated as follows based on available data:
    • Amazon has sold around 560 million e-book units.
    • Since it has an 89% share of the market, the estimated total e-books sold in the market is 560 million/0.89 = ~629 million e-books
    • Apple's number of e-books sold: 6.3% X 629 million = ~40 million
  • Apple's 2019 revenue for its services segment is $46.3 billion.
  • The services revenue includes income from Apple's digital content offerings such as its e-books and audio books.