Research Outline

Top Selling Book Genres


To find information on the three top selling book genres by revenue for both fiction and non-fiction segments and in the categories of print, e-book, and audiobook.

Early Findings


  • The top three print fiction genres in the United States are:
  • Romance/erotica with a revenue of $1.44 billion.
  • Crime/mystery with a revenue of $728.2 million.
  • Science fiction/fantasy with a revenue of $590.2 million.


  • The top three print non-fiction genres in the United States are:
  • Religious/Inspirational with a revenue of $720 million.
  • Although revenue information for the next two non-fiction genres was unavailable, preliminary research was able to identify the genres.
  • In 2017, the top non-fiction genres by unit sales are:
  • Religion/bibles with 41,341 units sold.
  • General non-fiction with 33,680 units sold.
  • Reference with 38,306 units sold.
  • Biography/autobiography/memoir with 23,098 units sold.
  • Health/fitness/medicine/sports with 22,780 units sold.