Research Outline

Web Proffesionals


To obtain a list of 20 web developers, web designers, or WordPress experts, who also write regularly. This information would be used to contact the identified professionals.

Early Findings

David Walsh

  • David Walsh is a software engineer and web developer from Madison, Wisconsin. He is a "senior software engineer and evangelist for Mozilla".
  • Walsh is the technical author of his blog — David Walsh Blog. He is also a guest poster on many other sites.
  • David Walsh can be contacted directly through this contact form.

Dan Cederholm

  • Dan Cederholm is a designer, speaker, and author from Salem, Massachusetts.
  • He is the co-founder of Dribbble. For nearly two decades, Cederholm has been writing about design, markup, CSS, web standards, and several other topics on his blog — Dribbble.
  • Cederholm's social media links, as well as a direct mail link is available here (bottom of the web page).

Jeffrey Zeldman

  • Jeffrey Zeldman is the founder of A List Apart. He is also a designer and blogger.
  • Since 1995, Zeldman has been designing and blogging. He is the founder of Happy Cog design studios and co-founder of An Event Apart — a web design conference.
  • Zeldman currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He can be reached through this contact form.
  • Jeffrey Zeldman is also very active on Twitter as @zeldman.