Research Outline

Qatar Perceptions


To obtain the Western and Eastern perceptions of Qatar and its culture for a social media plan that can raise the global profile.

Early Findings

To better understand the social media usage in Qatar and gain insights we researched what social media is most used.

Qatar Most Used Social Media

  • What's App and Facebook are the most used social media from Qatar's citizens.
  • Over 85% of citizens of Qatar believe that social media is spreading false perceptions.
  • According to StatCounter, Facebook had an 83.73% user rate for the last year by the citizens of Qatar, by far the highest.
  • A conflicting report stated that What's App, Instagram, and Snapchat were the most used.
We then performed a social media analysis on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to gain insights and perceptions. Unfortunately, with this being the anniversary of 9/11, our results were skewed due to the emotional nature of the anniversary. The feeds are clogged with negative, emotional posts. Soccer and the World Cup was also an intensely discussed topic.

Social Media Analysis

  • According to 30DB, global perception of #Qatar is 52% negative.
  • An analysis of the keyword #Qatar in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter showed skewed insights, as today is the anniversary of 9/11. The overwhelming amount of posts are negative and all concerning 9/11.
  • Screenshots from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook may be viewed here.