Research Outline

Qatari Students Enrolling in Universities Abroad


To understand what influences a Qatari student to enroll in a university abroad and the programs or degrees they seek.

Early Findings

Qatari Students Choosing to Study Abroad

  • The United Kingdom is the top choice of Qatari students who want to study abroad. Students are influences by the UK's reputation as the top destination for those wanting to study English, as well as its life-changing cultural and education opportunities.
  • The number of Qatari students attending university in the UK increased by 13% in the 2016/17 school year to more than 3,000.
  • Qatari students are drawn to the UK because it has four of the top six universities, globally.
  • Australia is also popular among Qatari students because it draws 600,000 international students from 140 countries.
  • The US is a popular destination for Qatari students because it offers ten times the number of college campuses as any other country.
  • According to a paper published in a 2018 issue of International Journal of Higher Education, Qatari students are influenced by "quality of education, cultural values, and cost of education." Qatari nationals may qualify for fully-funded scholarships to study abroad, which is also an influencing factor.
  • The University Expo Qatar offers exhibit space to universities around the world that want to attract Qatari students. Universities are encouraged to exhibit at this expo because students attend, as well as their influencers, including parents, teachers, and counselors.
  • Students attend this expo to learn about programs that match their career aspirations, as well scholarship opportunities, which would suggest those are a factor.
  • A video at the expo website presents a student talking about her desire to find a university that matches her career goals and aspirations.
  • Some countries featured in the University Expo Qatar seminars include Spain, Turkey, the UK, France, the US, and India, and topics cover issues of concern to students choosing a school, including accommodations, finances, and safety.
  • A study in a 2017 issue of EURASIA Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education looks at career expectations for Qatari students.

Summary of Initial Findings Related to Goals

Our initial research has determined some top countries that appear to Qatar students who want to student abroad, as well as some of their deciding factors. In our initial research, we did not have time to fully explore the programs Qatari High school students looking at for university.