Research Outline

Coronavirus Infection - Israel


To determine the rate of infection of Coronavirus in Israel and the ability of Israel to reduce the infection rates to dispelling fake news.

Early Findings

Some insights into the spread of Coronavirus in Israel are as below;
  • As of today, March 20TH 2020, over 700 Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Israel, 10 of which are in a critical condition, and 15 cases reported having recovered.
  • Around 48 cases have been diagnosed in the West Bank so far, 17 of them are confirmed to have been cured. Bethlehem is the most affected region in Israel.
  • Another 3,900 Palestinians are in quarantine.
  • The first case of Coronavirus was confirmed on February 21, 2020. The second case was confirmed on February 22, 2020. Over 100 cases of Coronavirus were confirmed in Israel by March 12.
  • A 14-day home isolation guideline was put in place after the first Coronavirus case was confirmed in Israel for anyone who visited Japan or South Korea.
  • As of March 13, 2020, the Israeli government instructed schools and Universities to shut down as the Coronavirus cases rose to 126.
  • The government of Israel started carrying out cellphone surveillance of people who are suspected of having come into contact with the Coronavirus.
  • The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, instructed Shin Bet spy agency to conduct surveillance on the citizen's phones. The phone tracking system locates people who could have the virus and sends them a message.