Research Outline

Responsible Leadership


To understand the concept of responsible leadership with examples showing their methods of being a responsible leader.

Early Findings

  • Responsible leadership takes place when the management of a company addresses the concerns of the various stakeholders while contributing to the multiple bottom lines including economic, social, and environmental performance.
  • Five key aspects important in responsible leadership include:
1) Being able to make judgments that are ethical and informed
2) Having moral corage and focusing on positive change
3) "Engaging in long-term thinking and in perspective taking"
4) Effectively communicating with stakeholders
5) "Participating in collective problem-solving."
  • An effective responsible leader must be a servant, a steward, a coach, an architect, a storyteller, and an agent of change.
  • In order to serve in all of these roles, the effective responsible leader must have character, virtues and principles, critical thinking skills, moral awareness and imagination, and self-discipline.