Research Outline

Restaurant Ordering Software Providers


Determine the key players in the food ordering software category that can integrate with any restaurants systems and can be an alternative to the traditional menu ordering approach via a server. The solution should allow the customers to order via their phone browsers instead of being required to download an app.

Early Findings

Restaurant Ordering Software Providers

Revel Systems

  • Revel Systems Inc. provides a software solution that can be used by restaurants to enable their customers to order online through their web browsers in any device.
  • The company states that their clients can conveniently update their menu offerings by using its online ordering solution.
  • The online ordering platform can be customized and branded for the use of its restaurant clients.
  • Revel Systems is also offering a seamless omnichannel link that can connect the ordering system with other restaurant systems and processes.
  • The company was able to obtain a total funding amount of $168.8 million.
  • The company has an estimated revenue of $105 million.
  • Revel Systems Inc. targets restaurant owners for its online ordering solution.
  • The company has more than 20,000 clients around the world which include The Octopus Restaurant Group, Patty's Cake and Desserts, Gordo, Cinnabon, Proposition Chicken, and others.
  • The company operates in the U.S. and in the U.K.

Touch Bistro

Summary of Findings

  • Our one hour of research provided some information on the Revel Systems company, a key provider of restaurant ordering solutions that can be accessed via web browsers in any device.
  • Given these initial findings, we propose the next steps below.