Research Outline

Chief Customer Officer Examples


To provide examples of 3-5 retailers who have established "Chief Customer Officer" or similar roles to own "Customer Experience" design across the end-to-end experience. The examples will illustrate best practices for these types of positions including scope of duties and responsibilities associated with the role, required skills and competencies and company metrics for tracking success.

Early Findings

  • The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) works alongside the executive board and is responsible for designing new programs and systems than enhance the customer experience across the range of company offerings. Other titles with similar responsibilities include Chief Client Officer, Chief Experience Officer or Chief Global Customer and Marketing Officer.
  • According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, prioritizing the customer experience leads to a faster increase in turnover for 59% of companies.

Shopbop: Chief Customer Officer and Head of CRM

  • Shopbop (an Amazon company) is a leading online women's boutique site.
  • Carly (Glassmeyer) Rosenberg was appointed to the role of Chief Customer Officer in September 2019 after being the Cheif Marketing Officer at WayUp for the previous two years.
  • Currently, Shopbob is looking to hire a Head of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) who reports directly to Ms. Rosenberg as the Chief Customer Officer. According to the job posting, the person will be responsible for leading the team that works on the on-site customer journey and deepening customer relationships. Specifically, the Head of CRM will oversee the on-site customer pathways including Shopbop's loyalty program and content marketing strategy for existing customers.
  • Some qualifications for the Head of CRM job includes 8+ years of experience in database marketing, customer segmentation or relationship marketing, proven success in customer lifecycle management and customer retention strategies, deep analytical and problem-solving capabilities, and IT experience particularly in database languages.

Glossier, Inc.: gTEAM

  • Glossier is a leading direct-to-consumer e-commerce makeup and skincare brand.
  • The customer experience team at the company is known as the gTEAM and it was most recently led by Erin Miller, who recently transitioned to the Head of Loyalty as of March 2020. Prior to working at Glossier, Erin had roles as the Director of Strategy at Trunk Club and Macy's.
  • The gTEAM began as one person when the brand was founded in 2014 but has grown to approximately 30 members working in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada where Glossier products are sold.
  • The gTEAM is integrated into the larger marketing department at the company and its members are not only the customer service representatives, known as "editors" at Glossier but also advise on product development and help to improve customer loyalty, retention and conversions.
  • A job posting for the role of Customer Experience Manager listed responsibilities such as ensuring the delivery of exceptional customer experiences across all channels and touch-points by the front-line team, manage the team schedule to ensure critical performance indicators are met and champion customer experience initiatives.
  • Some qualifications for the role of Customer Experience Manager include strong leadership skills, a passion for customer experience and a history of looking for ways to improve processes from both a people and technical standpoint.