Research Outline

Request for Proposals for Personal Protective Equipment


Obtain information on the request for proposals (RFPs) and other significant requests for providing non-sterile medical gown PPE to Latin American countries and organizations. Determine the organization requesting for non-sterile medical gown PPE, quantity required, timeframe, and link to the RFPs.

Early Findings

RFPs for PPE

  • UNICEF has issued an RFP for PPEs such as non-sterile medical gown PPE to be supplied to several countries including Latin American countries such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and others.
  • The Guatemala - Ministry of Public Health has issued an RFP for surgical gowns to be supplied to the Hospital de San Benito.
The details above were inputted in this shared spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

Our one hour of research provided some of hte RFPs for PPEs for Latin American countries.