Research Outline

Robotics Software Providers


To identify examples of 5G robots, the company that created it, the intended purpose of the robot, and how it utilizes 5G technology.

Early Findings


  • Stan is a valet parking robot created by French startup- Stanley Robotics.
  • According to its official website, Stan is the world's first outdoor robotic parking service. It ensures a "more pragmatic use of space by arranging more vehicles within a given area."
  • An article by Gigalife-Vodafone states that each robot uses 5G to communicate with the car park infrastructure and with other robots. It further states that robot Stan is currently on trial at Gatwick.


  • According to Digital Agency Network, T-HR3 the humanoid robot was built by Japan’s tech-giants DOCOMO in partnership with Toyota and was successful in its trial under test conditions.
  • T-HR3 was created as a partner robot that can support human activities such as in homes and healthcare institutions. It uses Torque Servo Modules that control power and a Master Maneuvering System to prompt the robot to move in the same manner as the operator.
  • The robot uses low-latency 5G communication technology to effectively communicate with the Master Maneuvering System.

Agricultural Robot

  • A 5G enabled agricultural robot was developed by Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Fujian Newland Era Hi-Tech Co in China.
  • The robot can inspect farms and collect data samples and sends them back to the control room for various applications. It can also determine plant health and decide if pest-control is needed.
  • The pictures and data transmitted by the robot at the farm arrive at the control room in almost real time (a lag of one-hundredth of a second) using 5G technology.