Research Outline

Robotics Software Providers


To find specific examples of movement tracking software uses and the companies that use them.

Early Findings

Current uses for employee tracking software include the improvement of safety, productivity and attendance.

1. Improving Safety

  • GAO RFID, a Canadian company, has developed a people tracking software that can be used to improve employee safety.
  • This can be done through tracking and pinpointing exact work floor locations where accidents happen.
  • Ford is an example of company that uses body tracking software with sensors in bodysuits to design working environments that would be less physically stressful.
  • Enel Green Power is another company that uses people tracking software in the forms of tags worn by employees to know the exact location of all employees within their hydroelectric plant at all times.
  • This real-time data would allow rescuers to maximize their efficiency in case of accident.
  • Metro Paris has also used an employee tracking system to monitor the safety of construction employees building a tunnel in 2018.

2. Improving Productivity

  • GAO RFID provides employee motion-tracking software that can be used to boost productivity at the workplace.
  • McDonald's and Amazon are amongst the companies that use passive tracking software to monitor their workers, with the aim of improving workplace productivity.

3. Improve Attendance

  • Companies can use employee tracking software to efficiently monitor and improve employee attendance.
  • The software automatically processes employee hours and eliminates non value-added time from workers pay sheets, therefore reducing overall payroll costs.
  • In Australia, a local mall used Bluetooth beacons to track their employees' attendance, which represented a more cost-effective way than other attendance-tracking solutions.