Research Outline

Running Industry Trends


To build an overview of recent marketing trends in the US running industry. These trends should include running shoes, apparel and accessories. They should also cover demographics, outlook, and predictions. The information will constitute content for a running industry website.

Early Findings

1) Races Trends:

  • In March 2019, Running USA released a report about Running Trends in the US.
  • The PDF report is free for Running USA members, and non-members can purchase it for $149.
  • This document analyses road race registration and finishes for different distances in the US.
  • This data is used to evaluate some trends such as a decrease or increase in participation year by year.
  • It has found that the racing industry is declining since 2013, with a high of 19 million race registrations recorded.
  • This has been caused by excessive fees, a rise in competition from other sports, and too many race options.
  • Last year, in 2018, women represented 60% of road race fields.
  • However, the drop in participation is mainly experienced in races that are not 'classic', such as obstacle courses, color runs, and other non-traditional events.
  • Traditional events such as 5K and 10K still attract a high level of participation.

2) Running shoe and apparel Trends

3) Running Accessories

  • There is an increase in the popularity of running accessories.
  • Wearables such as smart watches to monitor the running activity, pulse and distance are very popular.
  • Some devices can also be used for individual coaching to improve running techniques using AI.

4) Demographics Trends

  • Most runners in the US have a University Degree (75%).
  • 73% have a household income superior to $75,000.