Research Outline

Rwanda Tertiary Education Enrollment Rate


To gather statistics about student enrollment in Rwanda.

Early Findings

Colleges in Rwanda

  • In 2018, there were 40 higher education institutes or colleges in Rwanda, attended by 89,000 students.
  • However, the gross enrollment ratio, which represents "the number of students enrolled in a given level of education, regardless of age, expressed as a percentage of the official school-age population corresponding to the same level of education", was only 7% in 2018, according to UNESCO.
  • This means that only 7% of the equivalent school-age population is enrolled in College in Rwanda.
  • 37 out of the 40 colleges in Rwanda are privately-owned.
  • These private institutions represent 57% of all college students.

Private Colleges in Rwanda

  • The 37 private universities or colleges in Rwanda are newer and smaller than the 3 public universities.
  • They are also specialized, sometimes religiously affiliated, and international institutions.
  • This is the case for Unicaf (Cyprus), Mount Kenya University (Kenya), and Carnegie Mellon University Africa (United States).

Public Colleges in Rwanda

  • In 2018, there were only 3 public universities in Rwanda: the University of Rwanda (UR); the Institute of Legal Practice and Development, and Rwanda Polytechnic (RP).
  • The largest one is UR with 14 campuses and 29,000 enrolled students.
  • Universities suffer from a lack of trained teachers and funding.

Participation to Advanced General Certificate of Secondary Education Exams