Research Outline

Valuation Analysis


To provide valuation data on companies which transact in user data/data brokerage companies, similar to Cambridge Analytica, as well as any available data on revenue, Gross Transaction Volume, or user base of these companies

Early Findings

One company called IDEIA Big Data uses a similar model to Cambridge Analytica and even copies some of their verbiage in their pitch.
IDEIA uses the same OCEAN model as Cambridge, to survey personality types of consumers, ranking them in openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism for marketing purposes. However, no valuation was available for IDEIA at this time.

Databricks is another big-data company based in Santa Clara, California that compiles customer/consumer data points, and has grown rapidly in the past several years in size.
Databricks raised $250 million in their first funding rounds, and the platform was valued at $2.75 billion.
Snowplow Analytics is another company offering a platform for compiling and analyzing customer data.

While no valuation is available for company Snowplow analytics, it is noted that over 600,000 websites use their service in order to power their marketing strategies.

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence is a platform via ASG Technologies that provides data management solutions to enterprise level companies.

Their valuation was not public, and while they’ve received one round of funding, the amount was undisclosed.