Research Outline

Wikipedia's Notability Standards


To understand Wikipedia's notability standards by determining paths or required accomplishments for a person to be listed on Wikipedia.

Early Findings

One doesn't have to be a best-selling author in order to be notable enough to have a Wikipedia page. Here are some examples of individuals who passed Wikipedia's notability standards:
  • Josephine Foxworth, an American copywriter, is considered notable because she was "elected to the Advertising Hall of Fame in 1997" and she also "created a jingle for a large supermarket chain."
  • Zhang Jun, a Chinese track and field athlete, is considered notable because he "won several medals for shot put" and he is a "record holder in both indoor and outdoor categories."

Based on Point Collaborative

  • According to Point Collaborative, a person is considered notable by Wikipedia standards when the person has been mentioned/referenced/written about in at least 12 high-level media articles.
  • These media articles can be on local city, industry, or niche publications, regionally, or nationally recognized media sources or globally recognized credible media sources.

Based on LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn, here are some steps one can take in order to pass Wikipedia's notability standards: