Research Outline

Six Sigma


The goal is to locate the best way to quickly learn Six Sigma for software development along with two alternative learning approaches.

Early Findings

Learning Six Sigma

  • Crush the PM Exam cites the Lean Sigma Corporation as the best training for Six Sigma (not Lean) certification. This course provides professional development units, practice exams, and a traditional learning method.
  • Another professional source states that Lean Six Sigma Certification Course is the best way to learn Six Sigma because it forgoes the traditional methods of study in favor of a storytelling experience.
  • A second, and much more cost-effective, method of learning is video tutorials. Udemy offers an array of Six Sigma training videos. These are good to simply gain the knowledge needed to implement Six Sigma, or to prepare a team for certification.

Applying Six Sigma to Software Development

  • A 2008 master thesis considers in-depth the application of Six Sigma to software development.
  • More recently, Bruce Hayes discusses the challenges of and ways to tailor Lean Six Sigma to software development.

Six Sigma Alternatives

  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process similar to Six Sigma but focuses on software improvement. The model was developed by Carnegie Mellon University.
  • The Kaizen Model is a Just in Time production model pioneered in Japan. Kaizen means improvement in Japanese and the model focuses on incrementally reducing waste and improving efficiency.
An article published in 2018 speaks of the demise of Six Sigma as the author views it as no longer being a useful system for management.