Research Outline

Employee Soft Skills


Determine the link between soft skills and job performance. The information will be used to develop an employee competency framework.

Early Findings


  • Project management includes several critical skills such as leadership, team management, cost management, task management, and other relevant skills.
  • Project leadership competency is the most critical skill to have as this can help managers to determine the direction of their organizations.
  • Developing project leadership skills can help also help in advancing the career of the managers.
  • Managers also need to have team management skills in order for them to coach their team members effectively.
  • Coaching skills can help develop the skills of team members and address their weaknesses.
  • Coaching can also help in improving the performance of the team.
  • Managers should also be knowledgeable in project cost management as this can help ensure that initiatives are within budget and are not in danger of running out of funds before completion.
  • Those who possess this skill can competently see a project through on-time and on-cost completion.
  • Managers should also be able to manage the tasks of the team.
  • Task management will require managers to develop task lists and other scheduling tools to ensure on-time completion.
  • Organizations experienced a 27% decrease in wasted funds when they improve project performance.
  • Teams with skilled project managers were able to attain more satisfactory project success rates — 92% success rates versus 32% of those organizations with less-skilled personnel.
  • Furthermore, only 1.4% for every $1 in the budget was wasted by teams with strong project management skills compared to the 29% wastage per dollar of lesser skilled teams.