Research Outline

South Asian Art Instagram Influencers


Build a list of South Asian influencers in the arts area (music, media, film) to pitch a charity fundraiser to. Each influencer must currently be based in the U.S., but have descended from family origins in South Asia (specifically India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and/or Sri Lanka). Each influencer also must have a minimum of 30k but no more than 500k Instagram followers.

For each influencer located, a brief biography, short analysis of their industry, brand, and product partners, as well as their Instagram handle will be provided.

The fundraiser itself will be a live stream virtual arts festival that has an overarching goal of collecting donations for the South Asian Arts Resiliency Fund, which will provide project-based grants to artists impacted by economic fallout due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A claim must be made to explain why each influencer provided in the list would be worthwhile to reach out to for this fundraiser.

Early Findings

Cas Jerome

  • Cas Jerome is an Instagram influencer with 115k followers. Her Instagram handle is @casxvii. According to her profile, she is currently based in San Diego, California.
  • Cas Jerome was originally born in India in October 1997, making her 22 years old right now.
  • She is largely known for being a beauty, lifestyle, and self-love blogger on Instagram.

Raveena Aurora

  • Raveena Aurora is a singer-songwriter of Indian descent. Her Instagram handle is @raveena_aurora, her account is verified, and she currently has 178k followers.
  • Raveena was born in Massachusetts and raised jointly in both Queens, NYC and Connecticut. She now resides in New York City.
  • As a musical artist with South Asian origins, Raveena's music largely focuses on self-discovery and positively representing women of color and South Asian descent.

Anaa Saber

  • According to her brand website, "Anaa Saber is an independent creative consultant, brand strategist, stylist and influencer based in New York City. She has spent the last four years building her brand Our Second Skin, all while consulting, fashion editing, trend forecasting with various media outlets..."
  • Anaa Saber's Instagram handle is @anaasaber, her account is verified, and she has 33.4k followers.
  • Anaa is currently working out of New York City but has familial origins in Pakistan.