Research Outline



To understand SodaStream's market landscape.

Early Findings


  • On social media, the sparkling water conversation is being led by women (65.3%) more than men (34.7%).
  • Individual brands can have a slightly different demographic, however. For example, Perrier has about a 50/50 split on Twitter but skews heavily male on forums and YouTube.


  • Younger millennials and Gen Zers are driving sparkling water conversation. 47% of posts are from 35-34 year olds, followed by 18-24 year olds (38.5%).
  • Bubly's demographics reflect the same trend. Its consumers are most 25-34 years old. La Croix follows the same pattern.
  • The snapshot for purchasers of SodaStream is similar, though these consumers are slightly older, more in the 35-44 years old demographic.

Social Media Platform

  • Instagram is leading the social media conversation about sparkling water, garnering 33% of posts. Next is Twitter with 21.5% of posts. Blogs make up 20.4% of buzz about sparkling water.


  • Bubly's consumers tend to be Caucasian.
  • However, La Croix's buyers skew fairly evenly Asian and Caucasian.
  • SodaStream purchasers also tend to be Asian or Caucasian.


  • Bubly's biggest income group is those earning over $125,000.
  • La Croix is the same, but they have a slightly higher margin of consumers in the $100-125k bracket, possibly reflecting that the brand has been around longer at a slightly lower price point.
  • SodaStream has its largest segment of consumers also in the over-$125,000 HHI bracket, but it also has reasonable pull among those earning $100-125k and $60-80k.

Education Level

  • Consumers of Bubly sparkling water are more likely to hold advanced degrees.
  • The same is true for La Croix, but even more heavily.
  • Similarly, SodaStream buyers tend also have advanced degrees.