Research Outline

ATM Business


To obtain an in-depth understanding of the processes involved in starting and running an ATM business in the US.

Early Findings

  • Setting up an ATM business from scratch requires a number of processes, which include securing the needed capital, identifying and securing the ATM's location, negotiating the location owner's commission, registering the business, registering the business for taxes, obtaining the necessary state and local permits and licenses, filling the needed paper work and contracts, acquisition and installation of the ATM itself, selecting and connecting to a processing server, setting up business insurance, and promoting the ATM business.
  • For each of the steps or processes outlined above, several vendors exist in the US to help new ATM businesses properly set up their ventures and achieve profitability.

Purchasing an ATM.

  • The actual purchase of the ATM is one of the last steps involved in the business creation process. It is highly recommended that prospective business owners secure the ATM's location before going ahead to purchase the ATM itself. Also, new business owners are advised to purchase new ATMs rather than used machines to avoid some of the headaches and repairs that usually accompany used ATMs, as new ATMs usually come with a one or 2-year warranty.
  • Several vendors offer both new and used ATMs for sale, including ATM Money Machine, ATM Brokerage, and National ATM. Most ATM vendors also offer installation services in addition to the sale of the machine itself. The installation technician is responsible for installing, programming, and training the business owner (or a representative) on the workings of the ATM.