Research Outline

Storage Options in Manhattan


Create a list of storage unit providers in Manhattan that have humidity control (ideally between 40-55% relative humidity), temperature control and 24/7 access in their facilities to store sensitive musical instruments. If necessary, expand to Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, excluding the companies Dumbo Moving and Storage and Imperial Movers.

Early Findings

During our preliminary hour of research, we found that storage options for humidity controlled units in Manhattan are limited.
  • We identified Gotham Storage, located at 501 10th Ave, New York, NY, offers "climate controlled" units, and they list musical instruments as one of the things they specialize in storing. However, we were unable to identify if they offer humidity control. They do offer 24/7 access and can be reached at 646-679-7951. Units start at $39/month.
  • All other identified humidity controlled units were outside Manhattan, including UOVO.
  • We identified that Life Storage offers some humidity-controlled units, but were not able to determine if they offer these units around Manhattan.