Research Outline

Strengths of a Good Businessman


To find out the strengths of qualities of a good businessman, as well as case studies of brands that have been built by outstanding businessmen.

Early Findings

Qualities of a Successful Businessman

  • According to Business Management Ideas, the main qualities of a successful businessman include the following: knowledge of business, accuracy, foresight and time sense, alertness, honesty and morality, initiative and the capacity to make decisions, ability to co-operate, dependability and consistency, energy, and personal qualities.
  • To be successful, a businessman should understand his business thoroughly. Also, he should be accurate or precise about what he talks about and what he really means.
  • Businessmen should appreciate time and take actions that conform to the rapidly evolving needs of consumers.
  • Also, to be successful, businessmen must be co-operative and accommodate the people they come in contact with. It is important to compromise, adapt, adjust, and admit that his judgment might occasionally be wrong.
  • According to Inc., business leaders need to have the following character traits in order to run an effective business: self-awareness, decisiveness, fairness, enthusiasm, and integrity.

Leadership Style, Skills, and Traits of Nike's Co-Founder (Phil Knight)